Customize password spell out

When creating a new password, for example during password reset, Adaxes provides the option to spell it out phonetically. It can be useful to remember the new password or communicate it to a user over the phone. You can change the words used in the phonetic alphabet and translate it to different languages.

To customize password spell out:

  1. On the computer where Adaxes service is installed, navigate to folder C:\Users\All Users\Softerra\Adaxes 3.

  2. Open the SpellOutDictionary.xml file with a text editor.

  3. To change the word used to spell out a specific character:

    • Locate the spellOutDictionary\dictionary XML element for the language you need.


      The two-letter ISO 639-1 language code is specified in the xml:lang parameter of the dictionary XML element (e.g. xml:lang="en" for English).

    • Locate the item XML element for the character you need.

    • Change the value of the word parameter.

    <spellOutDictionary ... >
        <dictionary xml:lang="en">
            <item char="A" word="August" />
  4. To add spell out for a new language:

    • Add the dictionary XML element to the spellOutDictionary element.
    • In the xml:lang parameter of the dictionary element, specify a two-letter ISO 639-1 language code (e.g. es for Spanish).
    • For each character that should be spelled out, add the item XML element with the following parameters:
      • char - the character to spell out.
      • word - the word that will be used to spell out the character.
    <spellOutDictionary ... >
        <dictionary xml:lang="es">
            <item char="A" word="Antonio" />
            <item char="B" word="Burgos" />
            <item char="Ñ" word="Ñoño" />
  5. Save the file.


In a multi-server environment, the changes should be made for all Adaxes services.