Customize password generation parameters

When creating a new password, for example during a password reset, Adaxes provides the option to generate a strong random password in one click. You can configure which characters are allowed in the generated password and its minimum and maximum lengths.

To customize the parameters for password generation:

  1. Navigate to the folder where Adaxes service is installed. By default, the folder is C:\Program Files\Softerra\Adaxes 3\Service.

  2. Open the Softerra.Adaxes.Service.exe.config file with a text editor.

  3. Locate the configuration\softerra.adaxes\passwordSettings\passwordGeneration XML element.

  4. Specify the default minimum and maximum password length in the minLengthDefault and maxLengthDefault parameters accordingly.

                <passwordGeneration minLengthDefault="10" maxLengthDefault="12" .../>


    If the specified minimum password length is less than allowed by the Active Directory password policy, the minimum length for password generation will be taken from the policy.

  5. Specify the characters to use for password generation in parameters lowerChars, upperChars, numericChars, specialChars and otherChars.

                <passwordGeneration  ... lowerChars="adtmur" upperChars="ABCD" numericChars="123" specialChars="!%#" otherChars="тÜé"/>
     How to use markup-sensitive characters

    To use markup-sensitive characters (e.g. &) for password generation, add their XML character entity reference to the specialChars or otherChars parameter.

    Character Entity reference
    & (ampersand) &amp;
    < (left angle bracket) &lt;
    > (right angle bracket) &gt;
    " (quotation mark) &quot;
    ' (apostrophe) &apos;
  6. Save the file.

  7. Restart the Adaxes service.


In a multi-server environment, the changes should be made for all Adaxes services.