Register Adaxes as an app in Microsoft Azure

Registering Adaxes as an app in Azure enables Adaxes to authenticate to your Microsoft 365 tenant using an application account. By default, a newly registered app won't have any permissions, so you'll also need to assign appropriate roles to the application to enable Adaxes to manage Microsoft 365 licenses and Exchange Online mailboxes.

To register Adaxes as an app:

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.

  2. Navigate to and open the App registrations service.


    To quickly locate the service, type App registrations in the Search field.

  3. Click New registration.

  4. Enter the application name (e.g. Adaxes), and click Register.

  5. Copy the Application (client) ID and paste it into the Application (client) ID field in Adaxes Administration console.

  6. Copy the Directory (tenant) ID and paste it into the Directory (tenant) ID field in Adaxes Administration console.

  7. Back in the Azure Portal, click Certificates & secrets.

  8. Click New client secret and then click Add.

  9. Copy the client secret value and paste it into the Client secret field in Adaxes Administration console.

  10. Add the Exchange.ManageAsApp API permission to the app to allow Adaxes to connect to Exchange Online.

    • Click API permissions.
    • Click Add a permission.
    • Activate the APIs my organization uses tab.
    • Locate and select the Office 365 Exchange Online API.
    • Click Application permissions.
    • Locate the Exchange.ManageAsApp permission and select it.
    • Click Add permissions.
    • Click Grant admin consent for <tenant name>. Admin consent is required to make the added permissions effective.
  11. Assign one of the following Azure AD roles to the app to grant all the required permissions to manage your Microsoft 365 tenant:

    • Global administrator
    • Exchange administrator and User administrator
    • Navigate to and open the Azure AD roles and administrators service.
    • Click on the role you want to assign.
    • Click Add assignments.
    • Assign the role to the app you've just registered.
  12. Complete the tenant registration in Adaxes Administration console.