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The IAdmReportGeneratorADSearch interface represents a report generator that performs a search in Active Directory.

Inheritance: The IAdmReportGeneratorADSearch interface inherits from the IAdmReportGenerator interface.





Returns an LDAP search filter with value references replaced with values of corresponding properties of the user, for which a report is generated.

String ResolveValueReferencesInFilter(IAdmReportArguments arguments,
                                      String filter,
                                      out String[] warnings)


  • arguments - Specifies arguments for report generation.
  • filter - Specifies the LDAP search filter.
  • warnings - An output (OUT) parameter that returns an array of warnings issued while resolving value references.


Gets or sets an LDAP search filter. You can use value references in the filter (e.g. %department%). Value references will be replaced with values of corresponding properties of the user, for which a report is generated.

  • Type:
  • String
  • Access:
  • Read/Write


Gets or sets a value indicating whether the search must be performed in the Deleted Objects container.

  • Type:
  • Boolean
  • Access:
  • Read/Write


Gets the conditions to include or exclude objects from a report.


The following code sample adds the If account is inactive for more than 20 weeks condition to the report generator. Objects that meet the condition are included into a report.

# The $reportGenerator variable represents the report generator

$reportGenerator.IncludeConditions.Exclude = $False

$reportConditionSet = $reportGenerator.IncludeConditions.CreateConditionSet()
$reportCondition = $reportConditionSet.CreateCondition("adm-InactiveAccountCondition")
$reportCondition.PeriodValue = "20"
$reportConditionSet.Conditions = @($reportCondition)
$reportGenerator.IncludeConditions.Conditions = @($reportConditionSet)
using Softerra.Adaxes.Interop.Adsi;
using Softerra.Adaxes.Interop.Adsi.BusinessRules;

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        // The reportGenerator variable represents the report generator

        reportGenerator.IncludeConditions.Exclude = false;

        IAdmConditionSet reportConditionSet = reportGenerator.IncludeConditions.CreateConditionSet();
        IAdmInactiveAccountCondition reportCondition = 
        reportCondition.PeriodOperator = 
        reportCondition.PeriodValue = 20;
        reportConditionSet.Conditions = new IAdmCondition[] {reportCondition};
        reportGenerator.IncludeConditions.Conditions = new IAdmConditionSet[] {reportConditionSet};


Minimum required version: 2018.1

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