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Hello, Is there already a release date for Adaxes 2021.2 and what features from the roadmap can we expect? greetings pudong

commented Jan 11
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Hello The search function in the AD object picker seems to be limited to the attribute "Name". I have some AD groups where the name is not very meaningful for our ... these cases. Is there any way to include the "Description" attribute in the search? Pudong

asked Sep 26, 2021
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Hello Is there any way to enable default sorting in the Adaxes Administration Console for the "Members" and "Member" lists? I always have to click on "name" ... Adaxes Administration Console 2021.1 version 3.14.18920.0 (64bit) Thanks and greetings Dominik

asked May 18, 2021
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I have updated adaxes from version 2021.1 to 2021.1 update 3. After that, my favorite links to the report "Password expiration" in Adaxes Administration Console stopped ... the links do not have to be recreated after an upgrade? Thanks and greetings Dominik

asked Apr 21, 2021
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Hello Adaxes Team I would like to change the text in the approval mail. As far as I know this is currently only possible via "Custom Action Description" text. For ... Is there a way I can output the description propertie from the target-object? regards Dominik

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