The IAdmBusinessUnit2 interface extends the IAdmBusinessUnit interface.

Inheritance: IAdmBusinessUnit





Returns the IAdmBusinessUnitMembershipRules interface that represents a collection of membership rules of the business unit. Membership rules determine which objects must be included in the business unit.

IAdmBusinessUnitMembershipRules GetMembershipRulesEx(Boolean resolveValueReferences, 
                                                     out String[] warnings)


  • resolveValueReferences - Determines whether to replace value references contained in membership rules. If set to TRUE, all value references will be substituted with corresponding property values of the user account specified in the UserToResolveValueReferences property.
  • warnings - An output (OUT) parameter that returns a String[] array that contains warnings issued while resolving value references.


Returns an array of GUIDs of the objects defined by the membership rules passed as the method parameter. Each element in the array is an array of 16 bytes representing a GUID of an Active Directory object.

Object[] GetMemberGuids(IAdmBusinessUnitMembershipRules membershipRules)


Gets or sets the user account whose properties must be used to replace value references contained in membership rules.


If the property is not set or set to NULL, the account of the logged in user is used. This property is not persisted and is initially set to NULL when you bind to a business unit object.


Minimum required version: 2014.1

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