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The AdmDirectorySynchronizationOptions enumeration specifies options for directory synchronization within a domain.


enum AdmDirectorySynchronizationOptions
    None              =  0,            //0x0
    ObjectSecurity    =  1,            //0x1
    ParentsFirst      =  2048,         //0x800
    PublicDataOnly    =  8192,         //0x2000
    IncrementalValues =  -2147483648,  //unchecked(0x80000000)


  • Flag

  • Description

  • None

  • No flags are set.

  • ObjectSecurity

  • If this flag is not present, the caller must have the right to replicate changes. If this flag is present, the caller requires no rights, but is allowed to see only the objects and attributes that are accessible to the caller.

  • ParentsFirst

  • If this flag is set, parents are returned before children.

  • PublicDataOnly

  • If this flag is set, private data is not returned in the search results.

  • IncrementalValues

  • If this flag is not present, all of the values, up to a server-specified limit, in a multi-valued attribute are returned when any value changes. If this flag is present, only the changed values are returned.


Minimum required version: 2009.1

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