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The IAdmService2 interface extends the IAdmService interface.

Inheritance: The IAdmService2 interface inherits from the IAdmService interface.




Returns the IAdmConfigurationQueries interface that allows you to retrieve information on Custom Commands and Property Patterns.

IAdmConfigurationQueries GetConfigurationQueries()


Returns the IAdmExchangeQueries interface that allows you to perform various Exchange-related queries. In particular, the IAdmExchangeQueries interface allows you to retrieve the next mailbox storage to be used for creation of a mailbox, and to notify the Adaxes service that a certain mailbox storage was used for a specific directory object in order to enable Property Patterns to generate the next mailbox storage database address to be used for the next object.

IAdmExchangeQueries GetExchangeQueries()


Minimum required version: 2011.1

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