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Is there a method to read the amount of returned objects from Get-AdmGroupMember cmdlet (and other) ?
.Count does not work, nor does .Length.

For example:
$MembersList = Get-AdmGroupMember (whatever parameters)
$NoOfMembers = $MembersList.Count

Maybe I'm just fooling around in this modern object.hell.world ? :lol:

- Thanks

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It's because the Get-AdmGroupMember cmdlet can return different types of values depending on how many members there are in the group:

  • If the number of group members is 0, the cmdlet returns $NULL.
  • If the number of group members is 1, the cmdlet returns a single object that represents the member. The return value is of type Softerra.Adaxes.PowerShellModule.Directory.ADPrincipal.
  • If the number of group members is more than 1, the cmdlet returns an array of objects representing the members. The return value is Softerra.Adaxes.PowerShellModule.Directory.ADPrincipal[].

Here is a small sample on how to handle the return value:

Import-Module Adaxes

$MembersList = Get-AdmGroupMember -Identity "MyGroup" -AdaxesService localhost

if ($MembersList -eq $NULL)
    Write-Host "The group does not contain any members"
elseif ($MembersList -is [System.Array])
    Write-Host "The group contains" $MembersList.Length "members"
    Write-Host "The group contains 1 member"

Also, pay attention that the -AdaxesService parameter is mandatory when calling the cmdlet.

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