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This can be setup using the HTTP Redirect option in IIS:

  1. On the computer where Adaxes Web Interface is installed, launch Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  2. In the Connections pane, expand the server that hosts Adaxes Web Interface and then expand Sites.
  3. Select the web site that hosts Adaxes Web Interface.
  4. In the Home pane on the right, double-click HTTP Redirect.
  5. Select the Redirect requests to this destination checkbox.
  6. In the field below, enter the URL of the Common Sign In page (e.g. http://webserver.company.com/Adaxes).
  7. Clear the Redirect all requests to exact destination (instead of relative to destination) checkbox.
  8. Select Only redirect requests to content in this directory (not subdirectories).
  9. In the Status code drop-down, select Permanent (301).
  10. In the Actions pane on the right, click Apply.
  11. Restart IIS.
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