The IAdmLyncOps2 interface extends the IAdmLyncOps interface with the ability to assign policies to users when enabling them for Skype for Business.

Inheritance: IAdmLyncOps


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  • LyncEnable2()

  • Enables the user for Skype for Business (Lync) Server.



Enables the user for Skype for Business. Unlike the IAdmLyncOps::LyncEnable method, this method allows you to assign Skype for Business policies to the user.

void LyncEnable2(string poolFqdn, 
                 string sipAddress,
                 ADM_LYNCTELEPHONYMODE_ENUM telephonyOptions, 
                 string lineUri, 
                 string lineServerUri, 
                 IAdmLyncPolicy[] policies)


  • poolFqdn - Specifies the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the Registrar pool where the user's Skype for Business account will be homed.
  • sipAddress - Specifies the user's SIP URI. When specifying the address, preface it with sip: (e.g. sip:jsmith@example.com).
  • telephonyOptions - Specifies a value indicating how Telephony options must be configured for the Skype for Business user.
  • lineUri - Specifies the phone number assigned to the user. The line Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) must be specified using the E.164 format and the TEL: prefix (e.g. TEL:+12345678912). Any extension number should be added to the end of the line URI (e.g. TEL:+12345678912;ext=12345).
  • lineServerUri - Specifies the URI of the remote call control telephone gateway assigned to the user. The gateway URI must be prefaced by sip: (e.g. sip:mygateway@example.com).
  • policies - Specifies an array of Skype for Business policies that will be assigned to the user.


Minimum required version: 2018.1

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