The IAdmSelfPasswordResetManagerFactory2 interface extends the IAdmSelfPasswordResetManagerFactory interface.

Inheritance: IAdmSelfPasswordResetManagerFactory




Creates an instance of the IAdmSelfPasswordResetManager interface that is used to manage a Password Self-Service session for the given user. This method extends the IAdmSelfPasswordResetManagerFactory::CreateManager method with the possibility to specify the default domain and properties that can be used as username.

IAdmSelfPasswordResetManager CreateManagerEx(string userName,
                                             string defaultDomain,
                                             string[] usernameProperties
                                             string hostname,
                                             out string cookie)


  • userName - Specifies the username of the account for which the session will be initiated. The username can be specified either in EXAMPLE\jdoe or jdoe@example.com format.
  • defaultDomain - Specifies the default domain used to authenticate users when the username does not contain the domain part.
  • usernameProperties - Specifies an array of properties that can be used as username.
  • hostname - Specifies the host name where the session is initiated. If password reset is initiated from a third-party application or script, the parameter can be set to null.
  • cookie - An output (OUT) parameter that can be used to access the instance of the IAdmSelfPasswordResetManager interface returned by this method when calling the IAdmSelfPasswordResetManagerFactory::GetManager method.


Minimum required version: 2018.1

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