The IAdmSelfPasswordResetManagerFactory interface is used to create Password Self-Service sessions for a user.

Inheritance: IUnknown

To get the IAdmSelfPasswordResetManagerFactory interface, use the IAdmService4::GetSelfPasswordResetManagerFactory method.




Creates an instance of the IAdmSelfPasswordResetManager interface that is used to manage a Password Self-Service session for the given user.

IAdmSelfPasswordResetManager CreateManager(string userName, 
                                           string hostname, 
                                           out string cookie)


  • userName - Specifies the username of the account for which a session will be initiated. The username can be specified either in EXAMPLE\jdoe or jdoe@example.com format.
  • hostname - Specifies the host name where the session is initiated. If password reset is initiated from a third-party application or script, the parameter can be null.
  • cookie - An output (OUT) parameter that can be used to access the instance of the IAdmSelfPasswordResetManager interface returned by this method when calling the GetManager method.


Returns an instance of the IAdmSelfPasswordResetManager interface by the given cookie.

IAdmSelfPasswordResetManager  GetManager(string cookie)


The cookie parameter specifies the cookie returned by the CreateManager method when creating the required instance.


Minimum required version: 2018.1

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