Add users to the unmanaged account list

Adaxes is licensed in packages based on the number of enabled and not expired user accounts in all the managed domains. If you do not want to manage specific accounts (e.g. service accounts) using Adaxes, you need to add them to the list of unmanaged accounts. Unmanaged user accounts will not be displayed in Adaxes environment and will be ignored during license validation.

If you register a Microsoft Entra domain and a synchronized Active Directory domain in Adaxes, synchronized users will only be counted once towards the license limit.

To add specific users to the list of unmanaged accounts using Adaxes Administration console:

  1. In the Console Tree, right-click the Adaxes service (the icon represents service nodes).

  2. In the context menu, click Properties.

  3. In the Licensing section, click Restrict.

  4. Add the accounts you do not want to manage using Adaxes to the list.

To automatically add users to the list of unmanaged accounts based on certain criteria (location, group membership, criteria, etc.), use a scheduled task and a PowerShell script. To create such a task:

  1. Launch Adaxes Administration console.

     How { #collapse1}
    • On the computer where Adaxes Administration console is installed, open Windows Start menu.

    • Click Adaxes Administration Console.

  2. In the Console Tree, expand the Adaxes service node (the icon represents service nodes).

  3. Expand Configuration and right-click Scheduled Tasks.

  4. In the context menu, navigate to New and click Scheduled Task.

  5. On step 3 of the Create Scheduled Task wizard, select Domain.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Click Add an action.

  8. Select Run a program or PowerShell script.

  9. Enter a script into the Script field. For script examples, see section Unmanaged Accounts of Adaxes Script Repository.

  10. Enter a short description and click OK.

  11. Click Next.

  12. Add any managed domain to the activity scope of the scheduled task.

    The domain does not specify the scope of users that will be added to the list of unmanaged accounts and will only be used to trigger execution of the scheduled task. The criteria for adding users to the list are specified in the PowerShell script.

  13. Click Finish.

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