Customize display names of AD properties

Adaxes allows you to specify custom display names for AD object properties. To customize property display names:

  1. Launch Adaxes Administration console.

     How { #collapse1}
    • On the computer where Adaxes Administration console is installed, open Windows Start menu.

    • Click Adaxes Administration Console.

  2. In the Console Tree, right-click the Adaxes service, for which you want to customize property display names (the icon represents service nodes).

  3. In the context menu, click Property Display Names.

  4. In the top right corner of the dialog box that opens, select the language you need.

  5. Customize property display names.

Type-specific property display names

You can specify different property display names for different object types. For example, description can be displayed as Purpose for groups and as Description for other object types. To set a type-specific property display name, click Add type-specific display name when adding or modifying a property display name.