View list of icons and icon indexes

To add a custom object to a report you need to specify an icon index. In order to obtain a list of icons and corresponding indexes, create a report as follows:

  1. Launch Adaxes Administration console.

     How { #collapse1}
    • On the computer where Adaxes Administration console is installed, open Windows Start menu.

    • Click Adaxes Administration Console.

  2. In the Console Tree, expand the Adaxes service node (the icon represents service nodes).

  3. Right-click Reports.

  4. In the context menu, navigate to New and click Report.

  5. On the 1st step of the wizard, select Script.

  6. Click Next until you reach the Script page.

  7. Paste the below script into the corresponding field.

    $iconsCount = 100
    for ($i = 0; $i -lt $iconsCount; $i++)
        $Context.Items.Add($i, "Icon index $i", "Icon")
  8. Finish creating the report.